Research area: European economic integration
Professor in charge: Prof. Dr. Ludmila Batchenko
Research objectives:
– identification of features of interaction of national socio-economic systems in the process of regional integration;
– estimation of a current state of system of the supranational regulation of social and economic processes in the EU, its structure and functions, a place of separate regulation directions in stimulation of social and economic development of the EU and separate European countries;
– revealing of modern lines in technical regulation and standardization of goods and systems of management on supranational and national levels in the EU, description of mechanisms of influence of requirements of the WTO and other organizations in sphere of international goods and services trade on formation of a system of technical regulation in the EU;
– working out of the concept and estimation of prospects of development of the European currency integration in modern .conditions .of .functioning .of .euro on the basis of revealing of objective laws of integration and taking into account tendencies of globalization and regionalization in financial sphere;
– development of methodological and methodical basis of VAT taxation policy and analysis of VAT-connected problems in forming of regulation policy of the EU in modern conditions;
– identification of areas of adaptation of the EU experience in the development of the social security system to the requirements of reforming the social protection system in Ukraine.
– deepening of methodological and methodical basis of assessment of the competitive position on European market and peculiarities of its development in the context of determining the potential of the European vector of development of foreign economic activity of Ukraine;
– development and realization of complex method of choosing a strategy of international marketing activity on separate European markets and assessing of the effect of international marketing strategy of a company.

Expected outcomes: The research results will be presented in a monograph. It is expected that the research will contribute to:
– understanding of the mechanism, tendencies and formation and realization problems regulatory policy of the EU in modern conditions, the factors, conditions, mechanisms and procedures of competitiveness strategies of enterprises on the Euromarkets;
– revealing of ways of increase of efficiency of separate directions of regulatory policy of the EU and a way of coordination of national political and economic interests connected with this and increase of efficiency business activity of Ukrainian enterprises on the Euromarkets;
– initiation of regular discussion on the mentioned problem and definition of prospects of the further research and cooperation with the European research structures in the future;
– deepening of scientific researches and development of scientific school in Donetsk region of Ukraine concerning the European integration and making them coherent with international recognized standards of research activity.