The EU Delegation in Ukraine initiated EU Study Days in Ukraine several years ago.

The initiative strives to present to Ukrainian students and the graduates more thorough and deeper knowledge about European Union, European integration and the partner relations between the EU and Ukraine.

The project is being realized by Ukrainian Education Center. During 5 day the students listen to the vigorous questions on European law, social and public policies, international relations and other. Famous Ukrainian and international researchers, politicians and journalists give lectures and training.

The Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at DSUM joint the EU study days in November 2015. This time forty students from central regions of Ukraine were selected for participation.

Dr. Irina Sikorskaya, Jean Monnet Module holder gave the students the lecture on “Multiculturalism in Europe and Ukraine”.

The lecture dealt with the vital multicultural issues in European countries, the issues of current critical situation with immigrants and cultural diversities of the European countries.

Also I. Sikorskaya presented the successful 10 year story of Jean Monnet projects realization at DSUM.