The delegation of Prof.Dr.ValentynaTokareva, Dr. Irina Sikorskaya, Dr. Olga Balueva, the members of the working group of the JMCE at DSUM paid a visit to Jean Monnet Center of Excellence, Freie University, Berlin on July 6−9, 2015.
Prof.Dr. Michael Bolle, head of the JMCE at Freie University introduced Ukrainian colleagues with his team of the researchers who work and make research under his supervision. The subjects of their research cover the questions of Economics and Political Sciences and most of them are of interdisciplinary character. In their turn the representatives of Donetsk State University of Management made a presentation about the university, especially on the current situation. The special attention was paid at the activities of the Jean Monnet Center, it’s major activities in teaching and research. The meeting was held in friendly and fruitful atmosphere. The perspectives for further cooperation were outlined.