On March 26, 2015 in Kyiv the international conference «Meeting the challenges of cooperation between Ukraine and the EU: sharing experiences of the Jean Monnet Centers in Kyiv and Donetsk» was held.
The aim of the Conference was to present the JMCE at DSUM and JMCE at NaUKMA to wider community, and to promote the Jean Monnet Program ideas and goals. The Conference offered a unique opportunity for those who deal with European Integration problematic, Eastern partnership, European Studies in order to develop further capacities to foster civic engagement of multilateral cooperation of Ukraine and the EU. The format of the event was to facilitate and to multiply the exchange of the views and experiences of the participants.
The conference was opened the distinguished guests: Sergei Kvit, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Prof. Andrei Meleshevych, President of the National University of «Kyiv-Mohyla Academy», Prof. Svetlana Marova, Rector of Donetsk State University of Management and Elena Orzhel, a representative of the National Erasmus Plus Office in Ukraine.
The Key speakers at the plenary meeting were: Mr. Jose Leon, Laura, the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium) Mrs. Ana Marie Lizine, a former Member of the European Parliament (Brussels, Belgium), Prof. Michael Bolle (Center. Jean Monnet Free University of Berlin (Germany).The plenary session was extended to the two sections presented DSUM and Kyiv Mohyla Academy and the overall idea, namely, was scientific and educational achievements Centers of Excellence them. Jean Monnet in DSUM and NaUKMA.
The experience of JMCE at Donetsk State University of Management was presented in the following reports:
— Ludmila Batchenko, Dr. Sci., Academic Coordinator of Excellence them. Jean Monnet in DSUM. «The strategic partnership between Ukraine and the EU: achievements and losses»
— Nina Didenko, Dr Sci., Academic Coordinator of the European module «European social policy and social partnership model.” Presentation: «Social policy and social progress in the EU» — Irina Sikorskaya, PhD., Academic Coordinator of the European module «Intercultural Europe: diversity and social cohesion.” Presentation: «European Integration Processes: focus on intercultural dialogue and education»
Presentations of the panelists have caused great interest among the participants, there was asked a lot of questions and initiated discussions. Overall, the conference was held at a high level, and certainly did not leave anyone indifferent to subject — the idea of the Jean Monnet Program and its main objective — to inform the international community about the European integration.
The conference finished, but Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Donetsk State University and Management continue to operate according to the project objectives and tasks.