Europe Day is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. I n Ukraine it’s been officially celebrated since 2003 and is usually organized on the third Saturday of May. During this festival people of Ukraine celebrate day of shared values, common history of all nations of the Continent.

On the occasion of celebrating Europe Day 2013 in Donetsk on May, 23, public “Euro Debates” and intellectually entertaining game “Euro Quest” were organized among Donetsk youth with the support of Department of Family and Youth of Donetsk Regional State Administration.

Students of DSUM traditionally take part in celebrations of Europe Day and this time the team of our University participated in all events together with other young people of the city. All participants were proposed to compete in oratory proficiency on topical issues concerning relations between Ukraine and the EU. The debates included a series of rounds, during which participants discussed and defended their opinion trying to win the victory for their team. The quest involved participation of young people in intellectual and entertaining game in which teams were competing each other for speed, quality, and creative thinking dedicated to cultural diversity in Europe and the World. The quest was carried out by volunteers from the EU countries.