On February 25, 2013 Dr. Prof. Ludmila Batchenko, Academic Coordinator of Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at DSUM delivered the public lecture for the students of Centre of Postgraduate Education as well as to all interested students and faculty of our University on the topic “Europe today and tomorrow: new civilization and economic challenges”. The discussion with the students during the lecture covered the most actual issues about the readiness of the EU to overcome the political, financial and economic problems, the development of the EU – Ukraine – Russia relations, etc.

On March 7, Konstantin Moiseenko, member of teaching staff of JMCE organized a seminar for PhD students devoted to current scientific debates about governance in the EU. The dialogue between the participants of the event gave the young researchers an opportunity to get acquainted with the modern concepts of public administration in the European socio-economic and political thought, critical understanding of the experience of public administration in the EU which will help them in preparing their dissertations.