euJean Monnet Center of Excellence at Donetsk State University of Management was created in December, 2011 with the financial support of the European Commission under Jean Monnet Program. JMCE is an interdisciplinary platform for providing an advanced life-long learning in the field of European integration studies for academic community and civil society in Eastern region of Ukraine which is based on long-term experience of implementation of European projects at the University. Its functioning is focused on three types of activities: 1) teaching, 2) research, 3) outreach activities.

Teaching will be based on the positive experience of the established European Modules (see the list of DSUM projects under JM Program below) with the purpose of to strength, consolidate and address them to the target groups.

In terms of teaching the project incorporates a range of different thematic areas which proves its interdisciplinary character. Subject-specific knowledge and skills development include training on theoretical and methodological issues in the area of European integration studies. Research includes collaborative projects on specific thematic studies such as the EU economics, European social policy and public administration, entrepreneurship education in the EU countries etc.

JMCE will be committed to organizing public events. A series of European integration related lectures, conferences and workshops by outstanding speakers from academia and practice will be organized which will provide an extra academic value to the current curricula.

JMCE activities in teaching, research and dissemination will be open not only for university teachers and students but also for school children and teachers, local public servants, policy-makers and interested civil society actors.

JMCE at DSUM is the first informational, educational, and scientific centre in Eastern Ukraine which serves the needs of the regional local community in obtaining and spreading the knowledge on European integration. The follow-up of such innovative activity can be seen in further formation of the European mentality among young people, and adults and represents gradual social-political transformation of Eastern European countries according to the EU countries. The specific objectives of JMCE are:
– to increase the quality of education in the field of European integration studies highlighting its different areas.
– to establish a solid theoretical, methodological and practical basis for teaching, research and outreach activities in the field of European integration studies.
– to stimulate excellence in teaching and research in European integration studies.
– to build networks and cooperation between scholars and institutions under Jean Monnet Program umbrella and beyond dealing with European integration studies.

Program Identification/contract number Years Title of the project  
Jean Monnet 2011–2865/001–001 2011-2014 Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Donetsk State University of Management Link
2011–3258/001–001 2011-2014 Jean Monnet Module “Intercultural Europe: Diversity and Social Cohesion” link
010-2601/001-001 2010-2013 Jean Monnet Chair “Modern Problems of the EU’s Economy and Business” link
2009-3233/001-001 2009-2012 Jean Monnet Module “European Social Policy and Models of Social Partnership” link
2008-3098/001-001 2008-2009 Advanced Study Institutes “Europe’s Evolving Security Architecture: Integration, Cooperation or Confrontation?” link
2006-1909/001-001 2006-2009 Jean Monnet Module “European Economic Integration” link